"My daughter has been a student at Nancy Bradford Dance Studio for three years and loves it.  The instruction is the right challenge for her and they make it fun for the kids, too.  She's made a lot of friends and I have, too!"

- parent, Rockland 

"I've been a dancer here since I was 3 years old and am starting my 12th year. Every week I look forward to learning from great teachers and dancing with my friends.  It's been an amazing experience!"

- student, Brockton 

"My parents enrolled me into Nancy Bradford Dance Studio as soon as I was eligible (maybe 2 or 3), so growing up surrounded by all that love and dance just seemed natural, it was right where I belonged. Tap, jazz, ballet, baton and hip hop until I graduated from high school.  Now I am in college studying dance, music and theatre and I know for a fact that if my Nancy Bradford family (not only the talented, caring choreographers and teachers, but the mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles) who take the time to bring their little dancers, as well as the dancers that turn out to be like sisters and brothers to you...if they had not cared and supported and believed in me, I just know I would never have made it this far.  And that love is something that you can ALWAYS count on from Nancy Bradford Dance Studio!"

- former student, Brockton 

"The dance instruction that comes from this studio is very supportive with the right amount of challenges for every age level. The focus isn't on "winning" and "beating another dancer", but learning the correct techniques, expressing themselves through the art of dance and building self esteem.  My daughters have made some of their best friends through this dance studio and I have, as well.  We are a family there"

- parent and former student, Brockton  

"I have been dancing since I was 3 1/2 years old and even when my mom made me go, I loved every minute!  Even when you are exhausted from a days work, an evening of dance is always the best medicine.  Nothing can explain how you feel after a "Miss Nancy, Miss Terri and Miss Kerry dance workout"- student, Whitman 

 "I have learned so much from this studio over the last 16 years I have been dancing. I consider Miss Nancy to be one of the best instructors in the area!"

- student, Whitman  

"It's a sport for life!"

- student, Whitman